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Elex Idea !!!

         Elex Idea is Design to Post Technology News, Tip , Tricks and to Speard technology among the People. Our aim is Just to Introduce the Latest events and Idea to you. Then, It may Be related to electronics, Computer, Softwares, Mobile Phones, Apps, etc
          Our Poster Sumir is Continuously Posting events and News Day to Day. He himself Persuing ECE from an Engineering Collage in Delhi. His Goal towards this Blog is you to be Fullfill from Ideas and Creative mind as Well as Gaining Knowledge via Internet or any Thing else.

    If you want to Give any Idea related to Electronics or any new Event you May Just Contact us to Post you Idea in this Blog.
                 Email : xsumirx@gmail.com
                 Phone : +919958123516


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