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TheNewBoston :: A Great Place to Learn Programming Languages

TheNewBoston, If you have already heard about this then Its Ok, But if not then you should must take a look, if your want to Learn computer programming Languages and you are a complete beginner or you don't know from where to start as well as you don't want to read those weird boring books, then this post is only for you.

mSpy : Tracking Tool for SmatPhones and Tablets

Hey Guys, This Post will Complete a Review on " mSpy ". which is basically a software which have the ability to keep track of the device in which it is installed. I will Explain you in more Detail About it. Let Take a Simple Overview about "How its work ?".

Let Say, You Have a Android Device (Like Smartphones, Tablets) which you always keep inside your pocket. Now you want to keep all the record of yourself at a Day Like "where You Visited?" , "all the Phone Call record (Voice Recording)", "SMS Tracking" and all those thing which you want to keep for future.

So here, "mSpy" is tool or you can say a Client Application for your Device. No Matter Which OS based your Device is. Because mSpy is available for almost every Device now days.

Download Torrent File via IDM/DAP - Super Fast as Premium

Download Torrent Through IDM

Now Days, Downloading Torrent File through IDM (Any other Download Manager) is going very popular and Even Everyone using these Methods rather than using torrent Client (Utorrent, Bittorrent...etc). So here I found a GrEAT Service.

IDM 6.12 Build 12 Full Version + Patch Download

Internet Download Manger 6.12
Internet Download Manger is very Good is super fast downloader. You Can Even Download Videos from Youtube and Much more.

AutoCAD 2013 Full Version (32bit & 64bit)

AutoCAD 2012
Need to Know About "What is AutoCAD ?" ------> (Click Here)

Windows 8 Pro Downloading Link (Upgradation Tutorial)

Finally, Microsoft Launched the Windows 8 Pro Official version and you can Purchase the Pro version of Windows 8 from the official Site of Microsoft. I have Upgraded my Laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro yesterday.

QT 4.8.0 + QtMobility v1.2.0 + QtWebkit v4.8.0 + Qt components v1.01(0) for Symbian^3

What is QT ?
Qt is a cross-platform application development framework, developed and released by Trolltech, a Norwegian company, and is used to develop desktop as well as embedded GUI applicaitons. The latest availble version is Qt 4.4 and was released on 2008 May.It includes a powerful API, rich set of C++ class libraries and tools for GUI development. It also provides an excellent documentaion which covers almost everything available in Qt
Why we need QT ?
When you install QT in your Symbian Devices then It will let you run install and run the application Developed in QT Environment. Until you will not install QT you will not able to take the Experience of Apps Developed in QT Environment and These days even every apps is developing in QT enviroment for Symbian Devices.

Blob v2.5 - Blogger & Wordpress Client for Symbian^3 Smartphones (Downloading Link)

Blob : A Blogger & WordPress Client

“Blob” the Qt based Blogger client for Symbian smartphones updated to v2.5. The latest version adds photo upload feature to the client.Blob: Symbian's One and Only Blogger client. ● Read, edit, create and delete posts and comments in different blogs ● HTML5 enabled post

Molome v2.2.2 for Symbian and MeeGo (Store Link)

Molome v2.2.2
“MOLOME ™ is a easy & fun way to share your journey of life. Grab your phone, snap photos or choose from Gallery, experience cool effects beyond creativity and share it with your friends or show it to the world via Social Network.”

How to Hide a Drive in Your Computer (Drive Hiding)

Computer Management
Hiding a Drive in your computer is one of the most tricky and serious stuff. you can make a drive invisible from my Computer so anyone who is guest in your computer cant find any of the content inside the drive and your data will stay secret.

FileCrop - Best File Search Engine & Link Extractor

FileCrop -Search Engine for Shared Files
Whoa.....Whoa !!! This is very nice search Engine for those guys who love to download file from RapidShare, Mediafire, Hotfile, DepostFiles, etc. when you need to download a file you always use Google to search it on web, Right ?

What Happens, When you use Google and What about FileCrop ,What actually FileCrop do , What is the advantages to use FileCrop and lot of question will be Poping in you mind. Isn't It ?, If it Ture then I am gonna answer you in next paragraph.

Download Android Application Directly to Your PC from Google Play Shop

APK DownloaderImage Source : Google Images
This Post is Specially for those guys who use Android SmartPhone. Now they Can Even Download and Android Apps Games, or any other stuffs from the market directly to PC.

How To Download .SIS File From OVI Store To Your PC

Its a Kind of trick or anything you wanna say it but its true that you can download any Kind of Software, Games or themes from Nokia OVI Store Directly to Your computer. So, you don't need to be worry about downloading apps from ovi store.

Image Credit : Google Images

iSix HD – Super Cool Symbian Theme (Free)

A snapshot of iSix HD theme for Nokia Symbian S^3 Devices.
Image Credit : SymbianTweak

Super Cool theme for Symbian S^3 Devices named ‘iSix HD’ by Adelino, Features simple and clean HD background with over 1140 skinned custom made icons. Theme is available for Symbian^3 smartphones for free over Nokia Store also.

Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP - Simple Theme

Now, Its 2012 and Microsoft is going to launch (26th Oct. 2012) Windows 8 Commercially in the market. But 50% of windows users are still using windows XP. So, this is the time for those guys to customize with some cool themes.

The 8051 Microcontroller (3rd Edition) - Kenneth J.Ayala, Thomson

The 8051 Microcontroller - Kenneth J.Ayala, Thomson
Image Credit : Google Images

The 8051 MicroController by Kenneth J.Ayala is one of famous book and I think, i wouldn't need to tell you about the author Kenneth Ayala. This book cover almost every content which required you to begin with embedded C programming. I myself going through this book and I will personally recommend to those guys who are very new in embedded world.

Check the Current Location of Indian Rails on Google Map

Rail Radar Service loading Map
Image Credit : Google Images

Now, no matter where is your current location but now you can access the current location of Indian Rails. Indian Railway has launched a new service called "Rail Radar" which shows the Geographical location of any running train on Google Map.

R.A.H.I.B. - MUSICALLY UNITED {Latest MP3 Release}

Photo Credit :: R.A.H.I.B.

Visit the Official Page of R.A.H.I.B.  -->> HOME PAGE
Visit official Facebook Page of R.A.H.I.B. -->>  "R.A.H.I.B." (

Complete Syllabus and Online Books(PDF) - ECE 3rd (I.P)

Electronics and Communication (3rd SEM) Study Material, Online Videos Lectures and Tools.

Syllabus - Download

OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

Refrence Text Books
  1. Mastering C++ (KR Venugopal) - Download
  2. Object Oriented Programming with C++ (K Balaguruswamy) - Download
Online Lecture Classes - Go Here

Naruto AMV - Burn it Down by LINKIN PARK (M.A.D.M.K.S)

 Must watch and leave your comment below about this video !!!!

Free Download: Norton Antivirus 2013, Norton Internet Security 2013

Norton Internet Security 2013
Hello Guys, Norton has released it latest Beta Version of Antivirus 2013. Which is available at its official website for Free Downloading. Norton Antivirus 2013 free as well as Norton Internet Security 2013 for free as Symantec has released the beta version of these security software for free trial for public use – to find bugs, get feature suggestions and to help improve the Norton Security software before paid release into the market.

How Wired and Wirless Mouse Works ?

Optical Mouse Cartoon

In this Post, I am Actually gonna describe that how wireless Mouse Work. Before you must Understand the working of optical mouse. Because the basic operation of both the mouse are actually same apart from that the wireless mouse works with some extra operation like transmitting signal at microwave frequency and at the receiving end it Decodes the signal for execution it through CPU

Latest Album Released (English Songs)

Living Things - Linkin Park
Latest English Songs Album of June 2012, The Songs are Amazing and Rocking. The Good thing is that my Favorite  Band "Linkin Park" has also released it Latest album "Living Things" and many more are also like Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Flo Rida and many more.

Quadrocopter : Some Basic Concept


Quadrocopters, also known and quadrotors, are one of the most interesting little flying machines ever imagined; yet there's a load of disperse and almost undecipherable amount of information that comes from hobbyists' and builder's gut feeling on what seems to be the right thing to do.

SIM Reader : Schematics, Software, and Tools

SIM Card Reader Overview

This project details how to build a Smart/SIM card reader/writer for experimentation and investigation of SIM & Smart cards.Once the reader design is built, the open source software can be used to read from and write to the card. Together they can be used to backup/restore stored SIM.

Improve your Chances of Getting a Train Ticket on the IRCTC Website

The IRCTC website offers train tickets on a first-come first-served basis. You can autofill the form and and improve your chances of getting a Tatkal ticket.
If you have ever tried booking an online train ticket on the Indian Railways website (, you know the importance of time especially when you are planning to make a train reservation under the Tatkal* scheme.
Magic Autofill Form

Apple launches its new mobile operating system iOS 6

Apple iOS6

Technology giant Apple unveiled its new mobile operating system, iOS 6, at the 23rd annual developers’ conference WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) in San Francisco.The new OS will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users as a free software update, in September this year.

A World Map of the Most Visited Websites

The most popular websites on any country represented in a world map. Google gets the maximum traffic in most country followed by Facebook.

Click Here on Image to Zoom

Advance Communication System (May June 2010) BTE Delhi

Result : Electronics and Communication 5th Sem (Evening)

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