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Elex Idea a Blog to Post tech news, Latest Projects, Latest Movies Review and Songs, Mobile and Computer's Softwares and Games, Daily Computer and Mobile Trick and Much More....

 As You Guys Know We did not allow to Post Guest or Member of Our Blog. Because of Some Secuirty Reason as well as to Keep our Blog Safe and Clean. But Here I (sumir) administrator of this Blog allowing you Guys to Post you Daily Tip and Trick, Software and all the Material Listed above.

There is still a some Kind of restriction here That we didn't allow you guys to post Directly in this Blog but allow you to Post Indirectly.

How Can I Post indirectly ?

You all have to do Just Post a Message(Email) with you Desired blog Content. Let Say You have to Post a Topic in Our Blog. You Have to type in You message (Email). as Shown in below Format.

Subject          :       Your Post Topic
Attachment   :        Any attachment if needed
Body              :        Write You Post here !!!

  • Your Post Must Contain an Image File or More Than One. With atleast 200 Words Artical.
  • Your name must be there below your Post with your Email address & Any Personal Detail (If you want)

After, Typing Just Send Whole Post to Our Email Address : support@elexidea.tk

When My Post will be Published here in the Blog ?

Your Post will be Published in this Blog within 24 Hour. Because When you Send us your post, It will be reviewed by Our Team and then Posted it to Our Blog.

How will I find my Post in Blog ?

When, You Send us Your Email It will be Published here after 24 Hours, You Post will be Goes in " Creativity Shed " under Label on Right side Bar of the Blog.

By Simply Click on there You Can Find you Post. When You Open Post there Will be You name and Given additional Detail Below you Post. and Hence you Can Easily Identify You Post !!!

Write For Us : support@elexidea.tk


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