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Aakash 2 or Ubislate 7 Specification & Prebooking

This article will Inform you about the New Version of Aakash , That is "Ubislate 7" . Here you will Know the Features, Specification and Cost of the Ubislate 7 in India & as well as "How to PreBook ? "

In mean while Datawind, a Canadian company launched Ubislate7 in India which is for the commercial use. The Aakash tablet was focused for students and it has some less features. So DataWind planned to add some additional features and upgrade the Aakash student version tablet for commercial use also and named it Ubislate 7+. This Ubislate 7+ offers a web delivery platform that enables quality and interactive knowledge over the internet for the users. 

Microsoft Windows 8 Preview


Today I am gonna show some cool review of Microsoft windows 8 {Windows Developer Preview}. Actually I have Installed the Microsoft Windows Developer Preview (Beta version of Windows 8 under test).

Its having some cool correction over Windows 7, Like When you copy some data from one memory to another. Once the coping started then It Can't stop until it complete. But In windows Microsoft provide a cool function.

By which you Can Even pause the copy and increase the speed for sometime. This is Screenshots Shown Below. 

As you can See above there is small symbol beside the close is "PAUSE"

More Screenshot Shown Below :-

Agni-V shows India's intention to become major power & Agni-V , India’s answer to China’s lethal missile

As India gears up to test its 5000 km range Agni-V missile in February next year, Chinese official media here said that the "killer" missile with potential to reach several cities in China showed New Delhi's intention to become major power in the region.

Trillion Frames Per Second Camera – The Photon Catcher

        Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have always had the legacy of doing things that were so called “impossible” by the rest of the world. Recently they came with an idea of a new imaging system that can capture photons at a rate of one trillion frames per second. Yes, you heard it right. Now we can capture the video of the fastest known particle in the universe, the photons. This virtual slow motion camera captures the video of photons traversing through space. This high-speed camera is more than enough to produce a slow motion video of light travelling through objects. 


Hello Friends, 

Today I have uploaded some picks, That will Guide you about the Knowledge of Latest Company Coming in PUSA JOb fair.

Below Posted Pics are Taken from PUSA POLYTECHNIC Notice Board.

IC LM324

Data sheet :

IC LM324

LM324 is a 14pin IC consisting of four independent operational amplifiers (op-amps) compensated in a single package. Op-amps are high gain electronic voltage amplifier with differential input and, usually, a single-ended output. The output voltage is many times higher than the voltage difference between input terminals of an op-amp.

Transistor BC548

Datasheet :

BC548 is general purpose silicon, NPN, bipolar junction transistor. It is used for amplification and switching purposes. The current gain may vary between 110 and 800. The maximum DC current gain is 800.

Transistor BC547

DataSheet :

BC547 is an NPN bi-polar junction transistor. A transistor, stands for transfer of resistance, is commonly used to amplify current. A small current at its base controls a larger current at collector & emitter terminals.

Low pass filter for subwoofer

Many low pass filter circuits for subwoofer are given here and this is just another one. The circuit given here is based on the opamp TL062 from ST Micro electronics. TL062 is a dual high input impedance J-FET opamp which has very low power consumption and high slew rate. The opamp has excellent audio characteristics and is very suitable for this circuit.

Out of the two opamps inside TLC062, first one is wired as the mixer cum pre amplifier stage. The left and right channel are connected to the inverting input of IC1a for mixing. The gain of first stage can be adjusted using POT R3.The output of the first stage is connected to the input of second stage through the filter network comprising of components R5,R6,R7,R8,C4 and C5. The second opamp (IC1b) serves as a buffer and the filtered output is available at the pin 7 of the TLC062.

Sharad Pawar Slap Song [2011] Origional

You all Guys will aware with this event, When Sharad Power Slapped by a youth at a public function claiming he was angry with corruption and price rise.

So, One of us Have made a Video of this event with Kolavari Da Song, Its is The Mix of Kolavari and Sharad Pawar.

Above, Video Show the Creativity of the Indian Student who is also one of us and Design this Video for all of Guys to have some Fun.

PCX2 Playstation 2 emulator for Windows !!!!

Hello Guys,
Today I am here to introduce you Guys with Latest Version of PCX2. Which is emulator, It can run all the Games which Run on PS2 (Play Station 2). The Games are Like Taken3, Taken 5, and Many more with High Graphic.

System Required for Good Performance is Shown Beloow:-
Minimum Proccesssor Speed : 2.3 Ghz
Minimum RAM Required : 2 GB
Minimum Graphic Require is 512 MB.

Thats it Now you Can Play any PS2 based Gmaes on you Computer Keyboard.

Screen Shoots are Show Below :-

This Menu Show the Main Window of PCX 2

Ra ONE THE GAME PS2 to PC with Emulator

ra1_level_cloning_lab.preview            ra1_level_computer_lab_2.preview ra1_level_lower_hart.preview            ra1_level_upper_hart.preview
S.No Function Description
1. Genre Action
2. Type Full game, emulated
3. Info RA-ONE-The-Game
4. Size 248 MB

Omegle (Online Stranger Chatting Website)

Hello Guys, 
Today, I am Gonna Introduce you Guys with a Strangers Chatting Site. That is . Here in This Website You don’t Have to Register or Login Yourself. This Website a made for Chatting between the Strangers Worldwide.

Actually, What Happen is ? When You Open Omegle. a Screen will Come up and Which will Piddy Like Below Screenshot :)))

Main Page

You Have to Select Weather you Want to Talk with a Stranger in Video {WebCam} mode or Text Mode (If webcam is Not available)

LDR Controlled Light Switch

      This is a light switch or light activated relay circuit.The relay on when LDR uncoverd and relay off when LDR covered.Adjust VR1 for light sensitive.LED will turn on at the same time with relay.

Above Figure, Show the Circuit Diagram of Light Switch. This is Project about, When Light will Fall on LDR, It will Behave Like a Switch , Mean Fall on Light on LDR will cause switch OFF and Vice versa.

An interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

      He is the “other Steve”, but to geeks around the world, he is the real deal; the man who practically invented the personal computer and changed the world. Steve Wozniak, supreme geek of the 1970s and the maker of the Apple II computer which brought about a worldwide computer revolution, was in Bangalore on Saturday to speak to a bunch of young entrepreneurs and achievers of the Young Presidents Organization who wanted to hear the story of the most-loved technology brand in the world — Apple.

      Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer (now Apple, Inc) in April 1976 along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Both Apple I – the company’s first product – and the hugely successful Apple II (arguably the world’s first fully-loaded personal computer) were designed by Wozniak making him – and not Jobs – the darling of geeks around the world.

Talking Tom Cat v1.3.4

You can pet him, poke him, you can even grab his tail.

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Tom. He is especially fun for children of all ages.

Record your own videos of Tom and share them on YouTube & Facebook, send them by email/MMS (text) or save them to SD card.

555 Monostable and Astable Calculator

555 Calculator
This calculator evaluates the performance of the generic
bipolar 555 timer chip in both monostable and astable modes.
Please enter the component values
you require in the spaces provided, then click on the button
and the results will be displayed.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to choose resistor values above 1K and below 1Meg. 
Large electrolytics should be avoided in favour
of large value R's to reduce power consumption and timing inaccuracies due to leakage



T Output High (Seconds) =

Android Lovers Use Your Smart Phone As Walki Talkie with This Application

Just Download a Application called Voxer

and enjoy ur wakie talkie bt it requirds android Osv 2.2 or more

then it so note it down and heres the download link

EnJoy :)))

Nokia OVI Suite Changed to Nokia Suite [Windows]

 Nokia has recently launched his Nokia Suite, earlier it was Nokia OVI suite. But Now, Nokia has Take it , its own under. That's Why its named is changes to from Nokia OVI suite to Nokia Suite.

  Today I am Going to Show you how Nokia New PC suite Looks Like and What is the advance features Nokia Launched with its Own PC suite. Take a Look Below.

New "Nokia Suite"

Nokia Suit Main

Above screen Shot Show, How Nokia Suite Main Page Looks Like :)

WinCircuit (version 2008)


WinCircuit is a software of realization of drawing of printed circuit in single or double layers. Principal qualities are the facility of use and the sight in pseudo 3D which gets a vision of the circuit close to reality. At the time of the installation, you have the choice between three languages, English, Spanish or French. WinCircuit is available in version of free evaluation

Front Panel Designer

Front Panel Designer
Front Panel Designer

Front Panel Designer is a design and ordering program which can be downloaded free from the Internet or provided on CD by Front Panel Express.Customer files are converted into a milling and engraving program at Front Panel Express and the front panels are manufactured using CNC technology.

Virtual Oscilloscope using PIC Microcontroller

Virtual Oscilloscope using PIC Microcontroller

An oscilloscope is probably the most important instrument for observing and measuring electronic circuits. It allows you to observe timing, voltages, slopes, curves, and spikes of an electronic signal. A good digital oscilloscope can easily run you over $1000, but this scope will cost you a grand total of $40 for the kit, perhaps the cheapest scope you will ever buy.

The NanoVM - Java for the AVR

The NanoVM - Java for the AVR

The NanoVM is a java virtual machine for the Atmel AVR ATmega8 CPU, the member of the AVR CPU family used e.g. in the DLR Asuro robot, manufactured by AREXX engineering. With the NanoVM, the Asuro can be programmed in the popular Java language using the standard Sun JDK. The NanoVM and its tools are distributed under the GPL and can be used on other AVR based systems as well.

Soundcard Oscilloscope

Soundcard Oscilloscope

The Soundcard Oscilloscope receives its data from the Soundcard with 44.1kHz and 16 Bit resolution. The data source can be selected in the Windows mixer (Microphone, Line-In or Wave). The frequency range depends on the sound card, but 20-20000Hz should be possible with all modern cards. The low frequency end is limited by the AC coupling of the line-in signal. Be aware, that most microphone inputs are only mono. Donwload from link below.

DesignsWorks Professional 5

DesignsWorks Professional 5

DesignWorks Professional 5 offers you the best user interface for schematic capture. The program is designed to minimize the number of mouse clicks and key strokes needed to complete a task. Most common operations, like placing a part or drawing a signal line, require no menu selections and no command typing. The powerful scripting system provides seamless integration with all your engineering tools. DesignWorks Professional ?available for Windows and Macintosh.?

The Black RNG Engine

The Black RNG Engine

This is a simple algorithm that is performed by a computer to generate a stream of high quality “random” data. The Black RNG algorithm can be used to generate finite amounts of random data or can form part of a hybrid RNG to produce streaming data with no limitation on amount.

Tiny PIC bootloader

Tiny PIC bootloader

This is a bootloader for the Microchip PIC microcontrollers.It is the smallest bootloader, taking less than 100 words of program space and Supports families of PIC devices: 16F, 18F, dsPIC30


LiveGraph is a framework for real-time data visualization, analysis and logging. LiveGraph was developed in the academic domain and is being used for research on daily basis.



Kicad is an open source (GPL) software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork. Designed and written by Jean-Pierre Charras, a researcher at LIS (Laboratoire des Images et des Signaux) and a teacher in IUT de Saint Martin d’H?res.(France), in the field of electrical engineering and image processing. Kicad is a set of four softwares and a project manager:

Simple SD Card Audio Player with an 8-pin IC

    This is a simple SD audio player biult with only an 8-pin microcontroller. The ATtinyX5 series (25/45/85) 8-pin AVR microcontroller has two fast PWM outputs in 250kHz carrier frequency. This enables to output a wide frequency range audio signal. I built an audio player with the 8-pin AVR and an SD memory card (SDC). The SDC can be controlled with only six lines, two for power supply and four for control signals. It can also be easily attached to 8-pin microcontrollers. The main application of the tiny X5 series AVR seems SMPS and related according to its integrated peripherals.

    Anyway this audio player is very simple and a few wires to be solderd so that it is suitable for brief soldering work before breakfast.


   Right image shows the world's smallest audio player (as MicroSD player, perhaps...). There are three schematics for the player in different configurations. The recording media to be used is a MicroSD. Of course the standard SDC and MiniSD can also be used by proper socket conversions.

Reset Windows XP/Vista/7 Password !!!!

Hello Guys,

Today I am Gonna Show You How to reset the forgot password of Windows XP/Vista/ and 7. Every Version of Windows , Weather It is Xp , Vista , 7 or any other, can be reset by this method.


The method is Not too Hard, All you have to do Just Keep Below Listed Tools Ready for the Process :-

1. A "2 GB" or Below Pen-drive [Not more than 2GB] or Blank CD
2. Download this File (Here)
3. A Windows Machine (Any other Working Computer with any Windows Version of OS)

Thats It for Tools, Now Follow the Below Process for Making The USB Device Bootable or Burning the  CD :-


    These Code are use in Samsung Mobile for Finding the Particular status of Some Function. These Codes are used by Just Simply Dialing through Keypad as Same as We Dial any Phone No.

     Below Codes are all Working, Just Try and Give Your Feedback to us !!!! These all Code are Working with Different Kind of Samsung Mobile !!!!

*#1111# S/W Version
*#1234# Firmware Version
*#2222# H/W Version
*#8999*8376263# All Versions Together
*#8999*8378# Test Menu
*#4777*8665# GPSR Tool
*#8999*523# LCD Brightness
*#8999*377# Error Menu
*#8999*327# EEP Menu
*#8999*3825523# Don't Know.
*#8999*667# Debug Mode 

Hack XP user password using DOS


Suppose If you Forgot your Windows XP user Password, Then What will you Do, Will you able to Login into your Account, or Any Thing else,

So, Here I am giving you the way by which you Can easily overcome on the Problem,

Here is Step by Step Guide to Solve the Problem…..

1. Reboot You Computer, In the Time of Boot Press F8, a menu will Come up,
2. Select “Safe mode with DOS or Command prompt
3.Type - “C:\cd windows\system 32”  (without Inverted Commas)

4. While still in system32 type:     command userpasswords2
5.Then unselect the box that says "this computer requires a password etc."

Congrats- You just hacked XP

Windows Shortcut Keys on Keyboard

S.No Hotkey Function
Shift + F10
Win + L (XP Only)
Locks keyboard. Similar to Lock Workstation.
Win + F or F3
Open Find dialog. (All Files) F3 may not work in some applications which use F3 for their own find dialogs.
Win + Ctrl + F
Open Find dialog. (Computers)
Win + U
Open Utility Manager
Win + F1
Open Windows help
Win + Pause
Open System Properties dialog
Win + Tab
Cycle through taskbar buttons. Enter clicks, Apps Key or Shift + F10 right-clicks.
Win + Shift + Tab
Cycle through taskbar buttons in reverse
Alt + Tab
Display Cool Switch. More commonly known as the Alt Tab dialog.
Alt + Shift + Tab
Display Cool Switch; go in reverse
Alt + Escape
Send active window to the bottom of the z-order
Alt + Shift + Escape
Activate the window at the bottom of the z-order
Alt + F4
Close active window; or, if all windows are closed, open shutdown dialog
Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Alt + NumpadDel (Both NumLock states)
Invoke the Task Manager or NT Security dialog.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc
Invoke the Task Manager
Print screen
Copy screenshot of current screen to clipboard.
Alt + Print screen
Copy screenshot of current active window to clipboard.
Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Invert screen. Untested on OS's other than XP
Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
Undo inversion.
Win + B
Move focus to systray icons.

Thanks ,
If You enjoy Reading , It will take few second to share with your Friends !!!


Capacitors store electric charge. They are used with resistors in timing circuits because it takes time for a capacitor to fill with charge. They are used to smooth varying DC supplies by acting as a reservoir of charge. They are also used in filter circuits because capacitors easily pass AC (changing) signals but they block DC (constant) signals.
This is a measure of a capacitor's ability to store charge. A large capacitance means that more charge can be stored. Capacitance is measured in farads, symbol F. However 1F is very large, so prefixes are used to show the smaller values.
Three prefixes (multipliers) are used, µ (micro), n (nano) and p (pico):
  • µ means 10-6 (millionth), so 1000000µF = 1F
  • n means 10-9 (thousand-millionth), so 1000nF = 1µF
  • p means 10-12 (million-millionth), so 1000pF = 1nF



Potentiometer (Pot) is another class of variable resistors and is used as an adjustable voltage divider. It consists of a fixed resistance track having connections at both ends and a sliding contact, called wiper, which moves along this track by turning the spindle. If only one of the connections and wiper are used, it behaves as a variable resistor or rheostat. In case wiper is not used, it will offer fixed resistance across the two connections. They are specified by their fixed value resistance.

Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphone (mic) is a transducer that uses a capacitor (or condenser) to convert acoustical energy into electrical energy. The sound waves result into electric signals that can be used to drive a circuit or device. The pin connected to the case of mic is connected to ground and the other pin gives the output.

Ulka Pind or something else ?

              A fire ball smashed the home of Sd Inder pal singh in Chand Mohalla, Gandhi nagar & broke into many small pcs in a split second. All the pce were burning & pouring of water was of no use. After appx. 15 minutes, these pcs cooled automatically. But while burning it damaged the items lying there as well a bike standing outside on the road. All this happened on 27th November, 2011 in the late evening hours. This fire ball may be an ULKA PIND or may be any thing else which is not knows to us.

Download Game Doodle Jump for Nokia 5800, N97, X6, 5230, 5233 and 5530

Doodle Jump is a nice and very addictive Java based game for Symbian S60 v5 mobiles such as Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Sony Ericsson Satio, Nokia N97, 5800 XpressMusic, N97 Mini, X6, 5233, 5230 and 5530 XpressMusic. Doodle Jump game was initially developed and published by Lima Sky for iPhone OS and Android. Now this game is available on Symbian OS as well. The game is published by Real Networks Inc.

       The gameplay consists of guiding a four-legged creature known as the "Doodler" up an unending series of platforms without falling in an attempt to gain a high score. The character is controlled by touching in the desired direction. In Doodle Jump, your aim is to guide a four-legged creature called the Doodler up an unending series of platforms without falling.

2 km FM transmitter


     With a matching antenna, the FM transmitter circuit shown here can transmit signals up to a range of 2 kilo meters. The transistor Q1 and Q2 forms a classic high sensitive preamplifier stage. The audio signal to be transmitted is coupled to the base of Q1 through capacitor C2. R1, R3, R4, R6, R5 and R9 are the biasing resistors for the preamplifier stage comprising of Q1 and Q2. Transistor Q3 performs the collective job of oscillator, mixer and final power amplifier.C9 and L1 forms the tank circuit which is essential for creating oscillations. Inductor L2 couples the FM signal to the antenna.

Testing a UJT

UJT (Uni junction transistor) can be easily tested by using a digital multimeter.The three steps for testing the health of a UJT are as follows.

1. Measuring the resistance between B1 and B2 terminals.

        Set your digital multimeter in resistance mode.Connect the positive lead of multimeter to the B1 terminal and negative lead to the B2 terminal.The multimeter will show a high resistance ( around 4 to 10K ). Now connect the positive lead to B2 terminal and negative lead to B1 terminal.Again the multimeter will show a high resistance (around 4 to 10K ).Also both the readings will be almost same.


How to test a triac.

Testing triac using a multimeter.

     A multimeter can be used to test the health of a triac. First put the multimeter selector switch in a high resistance mode (say 100K), then connect the positive lead of multimeter to the MT1 terminal of triac and negative lead to the MT2 terminal of triac (there is no problem if you reverse the connection).The multimeter will show a high resistance reading (open circuit).Now put the selector switch to a low resistance mode, connect the MT1 and gate to positive lead and MT2 to negative lead. The multimeter will now show a low resistance reading (indicating the switch ON).If the above tests are positive then we can assume that the triac is healthy. Anyway this test is not applicable triacs that require high gate voltage and current for triggering.

How to test an SCR

SCR internal construction 
Testing SCR using a multimeter.

          A multimeter can be used to test SCRs quite effectively. The first procedure is to check the diode action between the gate and cathode terminals of the SCR. This test is just like what you have done in the case of testing a silicon diode (see testing a silicon diode).

         Now put the multimeter selector switch in a high resistance position. Connect the positive lead of multimeter to the anode of SCR and negative lead to the cathode. The multimeter will show an open circuit. Now reverse the connections and the multimeter will again show an open circuit.

How to test a Diode

Diodes are one of the components that can be tested very easily.Ordinary diodes as wells as Zener diodes can be checked by using a multimeter. While testing a diode the forward conducting mode and reverse blocking mode has to be tested separately. 


Testing ordinary diode using a digital multimeter.
      To check an ordinary silicon diode using a digital multimeter, put the multimeter selector switch in the diode check mode. Connect the positive lead of multimeter to the anode and negative lead to cathode of the diode. If multimeter displays a voltage between 0.6 to 0.7, we can assume that the diode is healthy. This is the test for checking the forward conduction mode of diode. The displayed value is actually the potential barrier of the silicon diode and its value ranges from 0.6 to 0.7 volts depending on the temperature.

      Now connect the positive lead of multimeter to the cathode and negative lead to the anode. If the multimeter shows an infinite reading (over range), we can assume that the diode is healthy. This is the test for checking the reverse blocking mode of the diode.

Top 5 mobile phones under Rs .10,000

      Today on Yahoo, I saw the list of five Mobile phones under Rs.10,000 in India. Five mobile Phones are superb in Look as well as Performance as Compare to others, Under this range. 3 of them are Android Based Smartphones and 1 is Symbian and Left one is Java based Mobile Phone.
       According to Post on Yahoo, The Smartphones are Listed Below, and There Feature as Well as also Given along with Price List.

  Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 @ Rs 7,000

Features & Specification :-
  • General:GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G with HSDPA
  • Form factor: Touchscreen bar phone
  • Dimensions: 104 x 58 x 11.5 mm, 97.5g
  • Display: 3" 65K-color TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen, 240 x 320 pixels
  • CPU: 832MHz ARMv6 processor
  • Memory: 256MB RAM, 164MB storage, hot-swappable microSD card slot
  • OS: Android OS, v2.3.3 Gingerbread with TouchWiz UI
  • Camera: 2MP camera with geotagging, smile detection; QVGA video recording @15fps
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, charging microUSB port, GPS receiver with     A-GPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM radio
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • Misc: Built-in accelerometer, multi-touch input, proximity sensor, Swype text input, Office document viewer
Click here to View "Galaxy Y" Specification

          Currently priced at Rs 7,000, the Samsung Galaxy Y has impressive specifications like Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system with 830 MHz ARMv6 processor, 290 MB RAM and a 2 megapixel camera. In fact, it is one of the few smartphones under Rs 10,000 to feature Android 2.3, and that too with a powerful processor.

          Galaxy Y comes with a 3 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, Samsung's TouchWiz user interface and multi touch function. It has 180 MB internal memory which can be expanded by up to 32 GB. Other features include WiFi b/g/n with hotspot, Bluetooth v3.0 A2DP, a 1200 mAh battery, 3G and A-GPS, making it an ideal choice if you're on a budget.

Download Cool Game Fall Down for Nokia 5800, N97, X6, 5530 and N8

Fall Down is the most explosive fall down game you may have ever played. It is very simple to start and you can keep a track of your own high scores. All you need is to exercise your wrist a little and focus on allowing the ticking bomb fall.
 If you allow it to touch the top it will explode. The game is really simple. Just keep tilting the phone in either direction to allow the ticking bomb to fall down. Be nimble because if it gets squished at the top it will explode and game will end.

Download Application iGuitar for Nokia 5800, N97, X6, 5530, 5235 and N8

iGuitar is a nice application which provides a user with real time guitar experience on his/her mobile. User can play any song or tune on this guitar as it was prepared with the purpose to make people learn and play guitar.

This guitar comprises of 6 strings with slider keys in the bottom area. User can make use of full fret board by sliding in the left and right direction. This guitar contains 6 octaves which gives the user an immense pleasure of playing any song he likes.

Ek Tha Tiger (2012) Songs Download {Salman Khan}

EK THA TIGER (2012) Info

Directed by    Kabir Khan
Produced by    Aditya Chopra
Screenplay by    Kabir Khan
   Neelesh Misra
Story by    Aditya Chopra
Starring    Salman Khan
   Katrina Kaif
Music by    Sohail Sen
Cinematography    Ravi K. Chandran
Distributed by    Yash Raj Films
Release date(s)    August 18, 2012
Country    India
Language    Hindi

Ek Tha Tiger (एक था टायगर) is an upcoming Hindi language romantic thriller.The film will be produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Kabir Khan. This will be his third collaboration with the banner after Kabul Express (2006) and New York (2009). Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were confirmed to play the lead roles at a press conference held on May 3, 2011 at Yashraj Studios. Though originally scheduled to release on 1 June, 2012, the film was shifted to August 2012 since Aamir Khan wanted to release his next film, Talaash directed by Reema Kagti, on 1st June.


 01 - Jaaniya (Ek tha Tiger)  - [Download]

 More Songs are Coming Soon !!!!

Jannat 2 – New Emraan hashmi And Prachi Desai Atif Aslam Song 2012 Download

New Delhi: It is the era of sequels and after the recent success of ‘Murder 2′, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has announced the sequel to the Emraan Hashmi-Sonal Chauhan starrer ‘Jannat’.

JANNAT 2 (2012) Info

Movie                     :     Jannat 2 (2012)
Movie Cast            :     Emraan Hashmi , Prachi Desi
Directed by            :      Kunal Deskmukh
Presented By         :     Mahesh Bhatt
Releasing Date      :      2012

 Download Songs From Jannat 2

01- Judai By Falak (Jannat 2)  - [Download]
02- Mujhe Pyar (Jannat 2)  - [Download]

More Songs From Jannat 2 are Comming Soon !!!!

Any Complaint or Request Post Comment !!! Otherwise HIT Like !!!

6 Zone Alarm with Display

Description :

     This alarm system has 6 independent zones, 1 timed entry/exit zone, a 7 segment LED display and a test or walkthrough facility. Suitable for a small office or home environment, it can also be adapted to use a combination lock or keypad to set and reset the alarm.

Please Note:    All orange +V terminals connect to the point marked +5V at the side of the set switch, S1. IC's 
                                 1,U2,U3,U4,U5 and U7 are drawn without power connections for clarity. The power connections  
                                 need  to go +5V and ground.


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