Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 [Download]

Hello Friend, This 1st of January today and I was thinking to Post something special for my blog readers. Actually these days I been going through lot of programming and stuffs. Fortunately I am using "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 " and This one of most famous and Coolest IDE  for Programmers.

In this post, I am going to Post some cool screenshot of Visual Stdio Ultimate 2012 and as well as i want to share some of my experience about programming through visual studio (C, C++ and Visual Basic) with you.

So here are some screenshots ::

Visual Studio Launching

Start up Screen of Visual Basic

New Project Pop-up Window 

When, I installed Visual Studio initially in my Laptop. It was just like everything was unknown to me. I was not even able to compile or execute the codes. Now it's as easy as for me, as hard as it was first time for me to work with visual studio. Most Coolest thing about the visual stdio is that it will guide you , I mean when you will start to writing the code, It will be automatically keep on telling about what you should do next or which keyword you are trying to write.

There is some hardware compatibility issue. You are suppose to have with atleast these hardware.

Anyway, I would like to tell you Guys that you can download "Microsoft Visual Studio 2012" directly from the microsoft's official site. but still you can check the below link to download and after you will download the file, you will have to activate it through the key. You will need to purchase the key from the microsoft.

Don't Worry, If you don't want purchase the key. just mail me I will give you the key. For some security reason I can't post it openly.


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