What is VPN & How It's Work ?

VPN (Virtual Network Port) is one of the most used technology in the work of internet. Because it gives you privacy, freedom to do thing anonymously, freedom to unblock all those site or contents those are blocked through your ISP and Much more thing you can do.

VPN is nothing but a bridge or tunnel over the cloud of internet. I am going to tell you about this more conceptually but for now. you must understand that what is this VPN actually does ?

Let Take a Look at the picture shown below, 

Click on Image to Zoom
 You might be able to see that this Image have a RAS (Remote access Server) and at the other end it have client with different kind of internet connection.

You might also be able see some tunnel between the clouds (Internet) connecting two thing (Like.. Client to RAS or RAS to RAS).

RAS is nothing but the end  from where your computer fetch the data. I mean, just for a sec...Let say you want to open "GOOGLE". Now what would happen when you will hit the Enter key down to the Keyboard. It will actually try to connect to Google's Server through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and here Google's Server is Remote Access Server.

Now, You can see that, Connection between your's Computer (Client) and Google's Server (RAS) has been made through Tunnel (VPN Tunnel) rather than openly and this what make your connection secret to the world.

Now you guys will have understood the working or basic idea about VPN. I know this was little thing but believe me until you will not get it properly, You won't be able to move further.

Hey, Now you would love to hear that Guys us (I mean am a student) use this VPN to surf the net for free, you can also try some real vpn to connect through the net and I sure you will love. I will tell you about these stuff later on in my upcoming post but till than hang on. if you can't than just Google it.

So, If you guys want to read more about VPN. Then I would recommend you to Just Google it. Because you know a lash of site out there which could probably make your concept more clear.

Anyway, If you got anything unclear through out my post, then just leave a comment below. I would try make your doubts clear.


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