Max Remote :: Control Computer via Mobile [Download Link]

Max Remote

Hello Friends, This time I am Going to Post a Cool android App, which Let you Control your Laptop or Computer with your android Tablet or Mobile Phone.

I Know, That  there are Lots of apps are available in the market for this purpose. But Let me Remind you that most of Them are paid and free one's not got all feature that you need.

So, Here This app which I am Going to post today is Called "Max Remote". One of the Coolest android App available in Market.

What you need :-
  1. An Android Device
  2. Windows based PC with Java Installed.
  3. Your Computer or Laptop should be WiFi Enabled.
What You Can do with this App
  1. Can Convert your Android Device in Game pad (Like PS Remote, many others....)
  2. Can be used as Mouse
  3. Application Control Like PowerPoint, Word, Media Players, Adobe Reader...etc..
  4. Can be Used to Transfer File Between PC and Android Device
  5. ........
  6. ........
  7. Many More..I Haven't Checked it yet...Try Yourself 

How to Operate
  1. Install Client App into Android Device [Download Here]
  2. Install Java into PC [Download Here] ----- If already installed skip this Step.
  3. Download and Run Server App into PC  [Download Here]
  4. Connect Client and Server  [Follow Instruction, or Comment Below if Found any Difficulty]

Enjoy...... !  :)


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