PCB Etching at Home

     Today, I am gonna show you something etching process through which I made a PCB (RC coupled amplifier) Because of Practical in My collage. So, etching a PCB at Home is Very Simple, Just you Make out Right Composition of "Ferrous Chloride" with Water.

     I will show you How you Can make out a PCB through Some Sreen Shoot. Below is the List of Material Required for Etching Purpose.

  1. A permanent marker
  2. Ferrous Chloride
  3. Normal water (50 degree Celsius)
  4. Copper Clad Sheet
  5. Cutter
     A permanent Marker is Required for Making the Track which is to be printed on the Copper Clad sheet. Draw the Layout on PCB with the Help of permanent marker.

    Above Fig. Show the Permanent marker with a Thin bit or Tip.
    Copper Clad Sheet :
    Copper Clad sheet is Insulated plated with a Copper Coating at one side of it. On Copper Clad sheet with copper Side, We have to Draw the Track of Circuit Layout which is to be printed. Below fir. Show the Copper Clad sheet.

           Draw the Track and Let the Track to be Moisture free. Because, When you will Draw some Track then It will Printed with the Ink inside the Marker. Until moisture will go. You Cannot dip the PCB in the Solution. Otherwise Track will get Damage or may be go.

            Prepare a solution with the composition of Normal water and Ferrous Chloride, and Dip the PCB into it. Solution Should be right, otherwise copper will not removed.

         Solution should be something Like this, With on Glass Water Two spoon of Ferrous Chloride Power and Mix it and Further So on.

    Note : Keep the Ferrous Chloride Power in air-free Container otherwise it will react with air Soon Converted into Water. The Solution Should be keep in the environment Like this :

    After Dipping the PCB, Leave it for Somthing 1/2 Hour and Take the PCB after Half hour and It will Look Like this,

    If its not Looking like this, Then leave it in the Solution until its not Become Like this, Some more Screen shoot of the PCB of my RC coupled amplifier Layout,

    Thats it for Now But Dont Forget to read next to it "Drilling" Which I will Post Soon......


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