Design your Own remote Control Switch to Control your Home appliances

Hello Guys,

                This is First post in this Blog. Actually, Today I am gonna give you some idea to construct your own Remote Control Switch and Control your Home appliance using your T.V remote or any kind of Infrared remote.

Actually, This is very simple. Alll you have to do Just construct the circuit care fully which is Shown Bellow.

       Circuit a Recieving end for your remote signal. Its use a Simple TSOP1838 sensor which take the I.R rays from the remote when any key is pressed in the remote and make a outpin high for few second that Output is amplified with transistor BC558 and Give the output from its collector to relay Coil and which becomes eneretic for few seconds.
                   Here we are using IC555 in bistable mode and which is triggered for few second simuntenously when relay become energetic and make the output pin3 high for first triggering and Relay 2 coil also become energetic and Still remain in energetic until another trigger pulsr is appllied to NE555 and Hence its works.

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