How to Hide a Drive in Your Computer (Drive Hiding)

Computer Management
Hiding a Drive in your computer is one of the most tricky and serious stuff. you can make a drive invisible from my Computer so anyone who is guest in your computer cant find any of the content inside the drive and your data will stay secret.

NOTE: I wouldn't like to recommend you guys to do this stuff untill you don't need it. So be carefull because it may cause to loose your drive forever and all the data will be lost.

so, here we go....
1.Right Click on you "My Computer" icon on Desktop and then Click on Manage.
Snapshot 1 : How to Open Computer Management
2.It will Show you "Computer Management" Window.
Snapshot 2 : Computer Management
3.Right Click on the Drive You want to hide and then Click on "Change Drive letter and Paths.."
Snapshot 3 : Change Drive letter and paths
4.Now a Pop up Window will appear(See Below Screenshot). Now Click on Drive Letter & then Click Remove
Snapshot 4 : Pop up Window
5.When you will Click you on remove it will show you a warning message (See Bellow Screenshot), Don't worry Click on "OK".
Snapshot 5 :Warning 
Thats all ...Now when you will check "My Computer". You won't be able to see you hidden drive.

But If, you again want to bring that drive visible then follow the below step :
  1. See the above "Snapshot 3" , Right Click on the Hidden Drive and Click on "Change Drive Letter and Paths..
  2. Now you see a windows same as "Snapshot 4" but there will no be any Drive Letter, Now you have to Click on Add and Assign a Drive Letter From the lsit.
  3. Thats all done.


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