TINA : Add Extra Library to TINA Circuit Design

Hello Guys, Now I am Gonna Show you, how to add more Library file in TINA. I mean sometimes It happens when you make a circuit using TINA(Toolkit Interactive Network Analysis) and you did not find any component into its own Library, in that situation what you will do ?

      You will have to either stop the project or find out any other way to procced. But, My friend Don't Worry. In this post i am gonna show you how you can add your own library or component into TINA library.

One thing that you need is Library  of that component which you want to add. I mean Library is a file (.lib) for for each component. which you have to search and download from web. Once you got the file then you are ready to add it with TINA library.

Suppose I want to add "Maxim opamp"  in TINA library. I have already Downloaded my Library file from Internet. You Can even see this file on my Desktop in below screenshot.

NOTE : You can add this LTSpice Group to find Lib files :  LTSpiceFile and LTSpice

Now Go to start menu and open the  "Library Manager" as shown in below picture

Now Click on File and Open that Lib file which you have download, remember in my case I have selected maxim_opamps.lib ...Just follow the below picture.

Now Go to file > Create TINA Library Description >> For Spice models and Subcircuits.

Now you will Get a Pop up windows Like below screenshot.

Just click on OK.

Now you will get another pop up windows in below screenshot.

Just click on file > save as

NOTE : This file which you gonna save should exactly at same location where you have your Lib file and the name should also exactly same as it was lib file, but this time this file having the file format .tld

Now Close the "Library Manager"
Go to the location where you have save your both file .lib and .tld file and copy both file.

After coping the both file. Go to C:\Program Files\DesignSoft\Tina 8 - Industrial\SPICELIB and Paste the both copied file here.

 Now close the window and open TINA from start menu or Desktop.

>>>>  When you will click on TINA, You will see some message on the display before the opening of

Just Click on Yes.  and Now you will see a Window doing some compiling task.

Now You are Done.
To View where your component found in the library. Follow the screenshot below :-

Click on "Spice Macros" and then Go to other component and Click on Drop down menu as show below

As I had selected my Library name "Maxim opamps" now exactly I am seeing it here.

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