Download Android Application Directly to Your PC from Google Play Shop

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This Post is Specially for those guys who use Android SmartPhone. Now they Can Even Download and Android Apps Games, or any other stuffs from the market directly to PC.

Actually I was surffing some net two weeks ago and I found this trick and which I think is very nice. I am sharing this with you guys.

Before we all started, Let me tell you about something called APK Downloader. Its a bassically a Google Chrome Extenstion which allows users to download application APK files directly from the Android Market to their desktop and work only with latest version of Google Chrome.

Chrome Web Store

Now This is how its work, You will need to disable the browser's SSL error warnings, enter your device ID number, email and password. Your email and password are stored locally on your computer and are only used when the Chrome extension tries to grab the Android Market cookie to download the APK file from the Android Market. Once your setup is complete, simply browse the Android Market with your Chrome browser on your PC, find an app you would like to download, and click the APK Downloader icon which appears in the address bar when you are on the application page.

If you Guys Need More Information About, How this Stuff Works, 
Then Look at this page : CodeKiem


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  1. Fred Haro said...:

    Great blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the work.

  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I did this for a friends wedding party and it worked jolly good. It lasts the whole evening

  1. Thanks for your FeedBack Guys....Enjoy

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