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FileCrop -Search Engine for Shared Files
Whoa.....Whoa !!! This is very nice search Engine for those guys who love to download file from RapidShare, Mediafire, Hotfile, DepostFiles, etc. when you need to download a file you always use Google to search it on web, Right ?

What Happens, When you use Google and What about FileCrop ,What actually FileCrop do , What is the advantages to use FileCrop and lot of question will be Poping in you mind. Isn't It ?, If it Ture then I am gonna answer you in next paragraph.

FileCrop is search Engine that makes you enable to search file on those filesharing site which doesn't allow to search file in their database officially. Like.. RapidShare, Mediafire, Hotfile, DepostFiles, etc.

Image Credit : ElexIdea
Now all You Have to Do, is Just visit, The
  • Type the name of file you need to Download.
  • It will Show you Links From may Server, Just Click anyone of them and Download will be started.
Below Screenshot will explain you more accurately than me

Detail About FileCrop Search Engine
Now, I Guess, You all will have understood , what exactly Filecrop does !!!


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