Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP - Simple Theme

Now, Its 2012 and Microsoft is going to launch (26th Oct. 2012) Windows 8 Commercially in the market. But 50% of windows users are still using windows XP. So, this is the time for those guys to customize with some cool themes.

This Max OSx Leopard theme for Windows XP (SP1,SP2 SP3.....etc). The special thing about this theme is that It won't make your system processing speed slow. There will not be any kind of affection in speed will be made.

Here, Some cool snapshots of theme ........

Snap 1
Image Credit : Sumir Kumar Jha

Snap 2
Image Credit : Sumir Kumar Jha
Snap 3
Image Credit : Sumir Kumar Jha

Download Link :- Download


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