How to Block a website on your computer

     Sometimes we do not want the users of a particular computer or network to open a particular website. For example we want our children or our friends to stop accessing a website then we needs to block that website on the computer or network. Although web browsers provide facilities to block a website but they do not work always and it is quite easy to undo the settings. So through this guide I will show you how to block websites by using computer’s host file. By settings a password for your host file, other users will not be able to unblock the websites back. Here are the steps:
1.      Open the ‘Command Prompt’ and type "notepad C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts"  
      and  start instead of moving cursor just start typing, the host file will be open in Notepad.
2.   Now in the host file find the line that says: " localhost,”. Bellow this line type the IP address 
      and name of the website that you want to block separating by a space. If you want to block more than 
      one site write the similar details in individual line. For example if you want to block then 
      write the following line:
3.      To find out the IP address of a website open the command prompt and type "ping" and press Enter key. If a website has more than one IP address then write each
       one with the website name in separate line.

ScreenShot for Better Understanding :


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