How to Increase Hard Disk speed in Windows

If your Hard Disk take long respond than you need to optimize the Hard Disk.There is the two methods for optimize the Hard Disk. 

      In First method we used the Software utilities Program. These software are much expensive so leave up this steps. and in the secod steps we self optimize the HDD Speed, through this step it will increase your Hard disk speed. 

       The most speed improvement is visible with IDE drives; however there are reports that this tweak also does good for SCSI disks.So followes the next steps..



1. Open Run and type “SYSEDIT.EXE“  and select OK.

2. Expand the system.ini file window.

3. Scroll down almost to the end of the file untill you find a line called [386enh].

4. Press Enter to make one blank line, and in that line type

5. “Irq14=4096” (CASE SENSITIVE)

6. Click on the File menu, then choose Save.

7. Close SYSEDIT.

8. Restart windows!



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