Top 5 Services for Video Chat

If you want to connect you relatives and customers over a long distance with a phone device may be costly for you and search for the online and cheaper services for video chat.

There are many services available online but here I will share top 5 services for video chat.  
We are very familiar with this free chat services. This service is provided by Google on Gmail. At this time it is the very popular video chat services. To start this service you will need one google account and one video chat plugin (Download it here:-

2. Skype:- 
This is the second most popular and widely use Video Chat Services. Skype provide PC-to PC and PC-to-Mobile. Skype has video and audio conferencing as well as an instant messaging system. There are a lot of other video clones out there, but Skype is still the most reliable video conferencing service, especially when dealing with people in different countries.

3. TokBox:-  
TokBox is a web-based video chat application. TokBox allows video chat with anyone from your browser and it can provide Facebook Firefox extension so you can video chat with your Facebook friends and also use with online instants messaging services Meebo. You can also record a video message for your website visitor.

4. Vsee:- 
Vsee is a windows video chat applications. VSee allows you to do work while you are concurrently on a video call or a multiparty video call. VSee Free supports video chats with up to four people simultaneously, while the paid version supports up to eight at a time. It added 720P High-Definition Video capability for times when you need that absolute clarity in video or simply when you need to impress with brilliant image quality.

It is another web-based video conferencing services. Free Conference Calls allow many users to call and share a common line and it can also provide the free International Conference Calls.


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