Twilight Breaking Dawn News

     Scriptwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, who worked on the first three movies, is working on the screenplay of Twilight Breaking Dawn with the help of Stephenie Meyer. Summit Entertainment is indeed decided to bring the last opus of the Twilight saga into our theaters.
But it's not clear yet if Twilight Breaking Dawn will be one long movie or split into two movies. But it's not hard to guess what will happen: the latter solution is the most likely, not only fans would be glad to see the life of the Twilight series extended, but also this would be the most profitable option for Summit Entertainment! So we can almost take for granted that the final Twilight book will be divided into two films that will shot back-to-back.
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Those photos of Twilight Breaking Dawn were taken on the Brazilian set in Rio.

Plot of Twilight Breaking Dawn:
"Bella and Edward are finally together: following their wedding they go in honeymoon to an island off the coast of Brazil. Over there Bella, still a human, got pregnant from her husband Edward, who is a vampire.
The crossbreed child to be born is cause of concern even before her birth: the werewolves feel the child could be a threat to them (putting Jacob , and even the vampires aren’t really at ease…
During childbirth Bella loses so much blood that she is on the verge of death. But Edward must fulfill his promise to make his wife Bella into a vampire in order to save her.
Will Edward and Bella be able to save their daughter?"
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are of course reprising their roles. But still no word about the director of Twilight Breaking Dawn. Maybe Chris Weitz, who's quite proud of the success of New Moon, will be back to helm Breaking Dawn, but that's not set in stone yet...
How would you suggest them to split the plot of Twilight Breaking Dawn if that's really what they're planning? And what details from the novel must absolutely show up in Twilight Breaking Dawn the movie?

Twilight Breaking Dawn Release Date

Summit Entertainment announced that Twilight Breaking will be released on November 18, 2011. They still haven't officially confirmed if Breaking Dawn will be split in two movies though... Whatever their final decision I'm already counting the days till the release date of twilight Breaking Dawn, I'm confident it's going to be the best film in the Twilight Saga!
Update - We now also have the release date of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2: November 16, 2012


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